Connecting WP Blog to a HTML website

Hello, I was redesigning my personal / portfolio website:  . I wanted to bring a few posts from this blog to my website. The point to note before you carry on reading, my website is built on HTML/CSS with JavaScript and a bit of Jquery. I’ll write another post sometime later about how I […]

GUI programming in Python with Tkinter

Hello, As the month of September fades into the history books, it reminded me to post on the blog. I’m sorry for the lull, it is that I enrolled myself in two awesome MOOCs that my time was occupied well doing some extra reading. Today’s post is an introduction to GUI programming in Python. If […]

Repost#1 – Getting started with Flask (Python)

A repost on Getting started with Flask  from  my erstwhile blog : I am always fascinated by the power of the internet and the impact web applications creates making the internet as the most effective medium to share information in the present day context. The internet is now the ultimate warehouse of all possible kinds of […]

Get WP blog RSS feeds to HTML powered Website

Hello,r Last week I was redesigning my website, I’ll post about the build experience in another post. Today it is more about how I found this brilliant solution to fetch RSS feeds of my blog onto my website. The first step is to know how to get the RSS feeds from your wordpress blog. This […]

The Journal of the Geek

Hello, Welcome to my new Blog! This blog will take you on a journey with me as I go onto unlock new boundaries in my quest to learn and build cool stuff with code (some hardware too). The blogs that I’ll be putting will be from simple topics of installing new software to more advanced […]