Coding a GUI desktop widget using Tkinter

This post follows up on my GUI programming using Tkinter post, where we got the necessary dependencies of installing the Tkinter package and getting the data from OpenWeather API. In this post, we’ll be diving into how the code is written and how to get the application up and running. This application will be a desktop […]

Count Words from files using NLTK

A long time back, I stumbled across a project request on a freelancing website. This project required someone to develop a program that would count the frequency of occurrence of the words in a text file. This sounded interesting and I wanted to see if I could write a code meeting the requirements. I’m documenting […]

Using SSH the Pythonic Way!

Secure Shell, commonly known by the jargon SSH is a network protocol that allows you to login into a remote system over an unsecured network. Today, I was doing some code-keeping (basically deleting obsolete codes and repositories) and came across this code snippet which lets you log into a system and also allows you to run […]